Oil Tools and Equipment Leasing/Procurement

At KODIVON we operate a procurement/leasing department that does a direct procurement and sales for customers and are also responsible for leasing of our equipment to our customers.

Among the Industrial machines and equipment available for leasing are;

  • Welding Habitat (Hot work safety enclosure for field welding)
  • Air compressors and Pumps
  • Hot Oil Flushing Skid
  • Air dryer

Our Welding Habitat could be installed to any required size and shape with ease, because of the internally fitted structural beams and pipework. Our well trained and experienced technician ensure that our Habitat can be installed on any work site irrespective of the location.

The high rate of air change within the habitat and the adjustable air extraction provide safe and comfortable working conditions during the hot work operations, removing noxious fumes as they are produced.

We have the equipment and the experienced manpower to perform Oil Flushing services either onshore or offshore. Our equipment is extremely effective in cleaning/maintenance of hydraulic control systems, rotating equipment and lubrication oil system (e.g. jacking systems for offshore equipment, steam turbines, compressors, large pumps, and gas turbine systems etc.), so that they operate optimally.

pump 1