Bolt Torqueing and Tensioning Solutions

…Our highly skilled technicians use their in-depth technical knowledge and best industry practices to ensure accurate bolt loading is achieved. We pride ourselves on the belief that our hydraulic torque equipment is the safest and most advanced equipment used within the service industry. We have a dedicated engineering department that can offer the best engineering solution to any problematic application…

Chemical Procurement and Supply

The range of available chemical products includes;

  • Water Clarifier
  • Salt Inhibitor
  • Scale Inhibitor…

Oil Tools and Equipment Leasing/Procurement

Among the Industrial machines and equipment
available for leasing are;

• Welding Habitat (Hot work safety enclosure
for field welding)
• Air compressors…

Storage Tank Cleaning and Separator De-Sanding Services

We carry out proper clean-up of your tank in collaboration with our partners; regardless of the location of the vessel, whether above ground or underground Storage Tanks, Separators, Pressurized vessels, sumps etc. we ensure that;
• Residual oils, corrosive and highly inflammable products, chemical build-up and other contaminants are removed.