Storage Tanks cleaning and Separator De-sanding services

At KODIVON we clean storage tanks used for the storage of various products such as Crude oil, Hazardous Chemicals, Asphalts, fuel oil, wastewater etc. Irrespective of the capacity and shape of the storage tank, we ensure thorough cleaning and removal of sludge and sediments that have settled at the bottom of the tank over time. Our experienced personnel are well trained on Confined Space entering/Rescue and they work with the state-of-the-art equipment to ensuring that our Clients gets the best of services.

We carry out proper clean-up of your tank in collaboration with our partners; regardless of the location of the vessel, whether above ground or underground Storage Tanks, Separators, Pressurized vessels, sumps etc. we ensure that;

  • Residual oils, corrosive and highly inflammable products, chemical build-up and other contaminants are removed.
  • We perform High Pressure and Hydroblasting of the unit to decontaminant and remove excess waste build-up.
  • We use Vacuum trucks to perform Vacuum cleaning to remove heavy sludges and solids that are not broken down by ordinary vacuum units.
  • We ensure proper storage, transportation and disposal of waste chemical products during and after each tank clean-up exercise.